The Fastest Drying Sublimation Transfer Paper in the World.

Spectra Jet™ Sublimation Paper is the fastest drying, quality sublimation paper available. It’s patented coating process makes it exclusive to the industry and allows for supreme output.
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Sublimation Paper

• Produces Brighter Colors
• Drys 20% Faster
• Uses 25% Less Ink


Sublimation Paper

Our SilverBack3 Dry paper is a 66 lb., humidity stable, high release, fast-drying paper that brings Sublimation Transfer Printing to a new level of vivid color and reduced ink loads.

G7 Certification

Spectra Jet exclusively offers G7 certification. The G7 System Certification Program evaluates the ability of a software system to calibrate a printing device to meet the G7 definitions.

Hilord Inks

SpectraJet is an authorized distributor of Hilord Inks. Hilord Chemical Corporation is a U.S. manufacturer of inks with more than 45 years of innovative history and awards.
Silverback3 Dry is compatible with the following Sublimation Printers:
Epson, Roland, Mimaki, Mutoh, MS Printers, Reggiani, Dgen and DURST.
The paper is compatible for all models.
Our Blotter tissue is compatible with the following heat presses:
Mont Antonio, AIT, Kleiverik, Practix, and Transmatic.