5/02/2018: Spectra Jet is proud to introduce SilverBack3 DRY, a revolutionary new sublimation transfer paper exclusively from Spectra Jet. Designed and tested with the Kyocera printhead, our SilverBack3 DRY dries 20% faster than any of our competition. In head-to-head tests against competitive sublimation papers from Holland, Switzerland and Atlanta Georgia, our results show that SilverBack3 DRY will save you over 25% in ink usage. Further testing on Reggiani, Durst and MS printers have proven that SilverBack3 DRY is the fastest drying sublimation paper in the world.

SilverBack3 Dry is made in the USA at a USA paper mill, and fiber and coating are made in the USA.


Spectra Jet Sublimation papers feature "SilverBack3," the first digital paper for Sublimation Transfer that actually works with Water, Oil, and Solvent based ink systems, as well as our new "Lite 40," with a 40 lb. basis weight. This is New Technology with Exceptional Results.Spectra Jet Paper Machine

Innovation by Design… This is what has propelled Spectra Jet papers to the forefront of the Dye Sublimation market. We are a true Development Mill. The Spectra Jet line of paper is created from the base pulp all the way through to the coatings. This allows for a new and very unique sheet that will not only give you extremely bright, saturated colors, but outstanding detail as well. Our paper allows the dye to become part of the coating, yet keeps it from swelling, which improves resolution in the transfer.

Spectra Jet papers are unique in that we apply our coating during the manufacturing process, not after the paper formation process is complete. We do not top coat to the top of an existing sheet. We build the sheet as a complete process for the specific application of Dye Sub Printing/Transfering.

Spectra Jet papers are produced in the U.S.A with pride and quality. We are an American-manufacturer, and strive to be environmentally sound. We have reduced fiber loss in the water stream, reduced our energy and oil consumption, and are now FSC, SFI and PEFC certified. Our products are in stock for same day delivery.

Our Company History
Spectra Jet is a growing entity which is comprised of  over 100 years of paper making experience, more than 30 years of converting experience and more than 30 years of coating developement and print technology. Spectra Jet was created in the interest of supporting the customer and being able to provide the most advanced paper possible. We are at your Service!

Our Business Philosophy
Our ability to identify and meet market needs reflects our unwavering commitment to a strategic path. It is a long term focus that has helped us capture market leadership in key product areas. We rose above challenging market conditions, strengthened our financial foundation, fashioned a nimble company, and nourished a growth and achievement oriented culture.

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